DaKINO 27 Short Film Competition

ACROSS MY LAND, directed by Fiona Godivier, USA- France, 2017, 15 min

BENDITO MACHINE VI – CARRY ON, directed by Jossie Malis, Spain- France, 2017, 13 min

BLOOD IS SPIRIT, directed by Rupert Gruber, Germany, 2018, 15 min

CHERS AMIS, directed by Valeriu Andriuță, Romania- Moldova, 2017, 20 min

CUBEMAN, directed by Linda Dombrovszky, Hungary, 2017, 19 min

DATE NIGHT, directed by Stela Pelin, Romania, 17 min

DODGER, directed by Henry Kaplan, USA, 2018, 7 min

DUPĂ 9 SAU 10 ORE, directed by Răzvan Dutchevici, Romania, 2017, 15 min

FAITH/ VERA, directed by Tatiana Fedorovskaya, Russia, 2017, 15 min

FRAMED, directed by Marco Jemolo, Italy, 2017, 7 min

I.O.C., directed by Gerardo Soto, USA, 2018, 14 min

IRON HANDS, directed by Johnson Cheng, USA- China, 2017, 11 min

JODILERKS DELA CRUZ, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, directed by Carlo Francisco Manatad, Philippines- Singapore, 2017, 13 min

JOY, directed by Abini Gold, Germany, 2017, 15 min

KAPITALISTIS, directed by Pablo Munoz Gomez, France- Belgium, 2017, 14 min

MANEKI NEKO, directed by Manolis Mavris, Greece, 2017, 19 min

MARLON, directed by Jessica Palud, France- Belgium, 2017, 19 min

MERRY-GO-ROUND/ LALAY-BALALAY, directed by Russian Bratov, Russia, 2017, 13 min

MIDNIGHT CONFESSION, directed by Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Canada- USA, 2017, 10 min

SCRATCH, directed by David Valero, Spain, 2017, 20 min

STATE OF EMERGENCY MOTHERFUCKER, directed by Sébastien Petretti, Belgium, 2017, 6 min

THE BEETLE AT THE END OF THE STREET/ EL ESCARABAJO AL FINAL DE LA CALLE, directed by Joan Vives Lozano, Spain, 2018, 19 min

THE CHAPTER OF IONELA/ IONELA, directed by Christoph Lacmanski, Germany, 2017, 10 min

THE KNIFE SALESMAN, directed by Jamie Helmer, Michael Leonard, Australia, 2017, 10 min

THE LAST DROP/ DER LETZTE TROPFEN, directed by Sascha Zimmermann, Germany, 2017, 10 min

TWIN ISLANDS, directed by Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot, Fanny Teisson, France, 2017, 7 min

WHAT COMES FROM OUTSIDE/ WAS VON DRAUSSEN KOMMT, directed by Kai Gero Lenke, Germany, 2018, 11 min



Submissions for the DaKINO 27 Short Film Competition are open here until March 1st 2018. 
The 27th edition of the DaKINO International Film Festival will run 18th to 22nd April in Bucharest.